Hey there.

Thanks for taking the time

to check out some art and music.

3 CD's worth of music.

(each about 30 minutes)

All the music can be

downloaded, but you will

have to stay online

for the art and vids.

13 short art/music vids.

(about another 30 minutes)

Lots of art to peruse

via the slide show

or in the collection.

If you click on a pic in the

collection, it will take you

to full screen and then you can

move through the collection

at a faster pace.

Peace and wellbeing...

I find it is a good idea to

turn the volume halfway down.

all hands on deck

a being with a guitar

theories & blueprints

the cedar theater

​Before you kick back to enjoy

the slide show or collection,

activate one of the music players.

The art pieces change

every 10 seconds.

Be sure to center the viewing area.

gallery 4 slide show


gallery 4 collection

Click on a piece in the collection

& you go to full screen.

Depending on your viewing device,

you should have

full screen capabilities

and some navigational control

through the collection.