Hey there.

( insert venue name here ) here.

The lights are still on and

we are still open!!!

John Redell

has offered his music

as a way to generate

some extra $$$ to help

during theses uncertain times.

Just leave a donation

via the link below.

Like so many other

entertainment venues,

we are trying to keep

live music going.

We want to take care

of the musicians beyond

what comes in at the door.

And our amazing staff

could use some support.

We also have ongoing expenses

that never stop.

So go to the link

and give what you can.

Then download John's music

as a thank you.

Any donation amount

is greatly appreciated.

Here's the link:

(insert your donation link

or cyber vending button)

Thanks in advance

for your generosity

Take care of yourselves

and each other.

As a thank you

for your time and care,

here's some of John's music

you can download.

He recorded it

to be used as a gift.

As a way to offer assistance

and a way to say thanks.

I find it is a good idea to

turn the volume halfway down

before hitting play.