A bit about me...

I grew up in northern Kentucky in a time when guitar music was exploding all around me. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Cream were a few of the heavy hitters of the day.


At the age of 12, a friend's younger brother, Joe, taught me “Tom Dooley” and I went home and played it for my Dad. The next day, my friend, Dexter, taught me “Wild Wood Flower”. I went home and played that for Dad as well. This inspired him to go out on the third day and buy me a Gibson Melody Maker and an amp. The first song I taught myself was “Purple Haze”. Dad said, "What happened to the Country music?". The rest is history.


From the time I was 17, I have been involved in bands that focused on original and improvisational music. Known mostly as a teacher, which I have been doing on and off since I was 21, I only performed live several times a year, till my stint with a Cincinnati based Irish/Celtic/Folk band known as “the Flock”. I considered myself fortunate to be a member of "the Flock" for almost 4 years.

I've had the privilege of hosting several notable jams at some of the tri-state's coolest Blues venues, like Lucille's and Jazzmania. As of March 2017, I've been hosting the open mic on Mondays at Mansion Hill Tavern for 8 years.

Some bands I have shared significant sonic time with are: P.O.E., Dunharrow, LAZER, Latter Rain, Eat at Joe's, Legal Tender, John Redell & the Bottom Line, Sweet Alice and the Unfinished Business Blues Band, 2 Days Away, the Flock, MC Blue, Shepherd's Pi, John Redell and the Company He Keeps, the Hedgehogs, Erin Coburn's Cosmic Chaos, Deb O & Montague.


Currently, beyond solo performances and the open mic on Mondays at Mansion Hill Tavern, I consider myself a "hired gun" and enjoy the honor of playing in some duos and the occasional band event. A few of the folk I get to hang out with are Deb O, Erin Coburn, Dixon L. Creasey Jr., Dave Gilligan and James Funk. I also get to ride shotgun with "Deb O and Montague".

I've been involved with the Cincy Blues Society’s Blues In The Schools ”  for 20 years. I do presentations and serve as mentor to the overall BITS Program.


“Being a part of so many musical expressions has its ups and downs. The only real downside is loss of leisure time. But since I enjoy the company of the folk I play  with, it’s a downside with a silver lining.”