gallery 3 celestial

Here you will find space & time intertwined via 'illions of iterations of 1s & 0s. Check out a few tunes from "2022 Spring" as you peruse some art. Or the full suite is in the SHOP. Check out the promo vid. Then scroll down to the music player, slideshow & collection.

Pics change every 10 seconds.

It is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

v7 gallery 3 celestial

v7 gallery 3 celestial

Play Video

Before you move on to the slideshow & collection, hit play on the player.

Remember to turn the volume halfway down.

gallery 3 celestial slideshow

Be sure to center the view.


gallery 3 celestial collection

Click on a piece in the collection & you go to full screen. Depending on your viewing device, you should have some navigational control.