Welcome to

"gallery 3 celestial".

Here you will find

space and time

intertwined via

'illions of iterations

of 1s and 0s.

Check out the promo vid,

then scroll down to the

music player, slide show and

current collection below.

Peace and wellbeing...

I find it is a good idea to

turn the volume halfway down.

Before you engage the slide show

or move on to the collection,

hit play on the player, after you

turn the volume down a bit.

The art pieces change every 10 seconds.

Before you kick back to enjoy

the slide show or collection,

hit the music player's play button

to activate the auto playlist.

Be sure to center the viewing area.

gallery 3 celestial

slide show


gallery 3 celestial  collection

Click on a piece in the collection

& you go to full screen.

Depending on your viewing device,

you should have full screen capabilities

and some navigational control

through the collection.