gallery 8 placid

A moment to reflect. Breathe. The sonic adornment ia a few tunes from "a being with a guitar". The full suite is in the SHOP & it is also included in "the view from nothing 2". For now check out the promo vid. Then scroll down to the music player, slideshow & collection. Pics change every 10 seconds.

It is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

v9 gallery 8 placid

v9 gallery 8 placid

Play Video

Before you move on to the slideshow & collection, hit play on the player.

Remember to turn the volume halfway down.

gallery 8 placid slideshow

Be sure to center the view.


gallery 8 placid collection

Click on a piece in the collection & you go to full screen. Depending on your viewing device, you should have some navigational control.