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Happy Birthday to me!!!

I passed a big milestone January 16th, 2023. Celebrated 70 years of amazement upon our wonderful blue orb. Grateful comes to mind.

In honor of this event I released another 9 tunes via "magic bus". Fortunate that most of my adult life has had music intertwined throughout. But especially years, 1993-2023, which were full of inspired diverse musical adventures, both as a teacher & as a performer. Most of the folk in my life are there because of music. Much gratitude to all the musical compadres who included me in their sonic dreams as they chased the Muse.

As of 1-16-23, my site features 14 guitar suites & 10 art collections spread out over several showcases. If you enjoy what you hear & see, please take something home from the SHOP & please tell your friends. Consider starting with "magic bus".


Thanks for your time & care. Peace & wellbeing…

from Deb O: "John has been committed to creating a vast amount of music & visual art... Both inventive & contemplative, he has produced peaceful, surreal & dramatic music & images. Please... take the ride!"

from Alan R: "Well done!... Standing ovation... Time to step up & wish John Redell a happy 70th Birthday. Buy some music & donate!"

Some computer art is below the 5 promo tunes. So hit play, scroll down & center the view. Info about what collection a piece is from is in the lower left corner of the slideshow. Lower right corner has a pause icon. Pics change every 10 seconds.

It is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

Be sure to center the view.

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