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On July 9, 2002, I had an unverifiable experience that reaffirmed

some of my own thoughts and beliefs about life.

In short, a fever took over my body and on my way down I thought to myself,

"This is not a good time for an out of body experience."

The following two hours seemed full of wondrous internal revelations, as well as,

some specific comments from some "not my voice in my head" voice/persona.


Granted, it could’ve been nothing more than a fever induced hallucination.

Since I don’t feel the message was for anyone but me, I think it is safe to say,


“Faith is in the heart of the believer…”


I did, however, come away with a renewed sense of purpose, and for me,

that usually manifests outwardly through my fingers onto the nearest fretboard.


Such is the music you will find on my CDs .

Whether you believe my experience or not,

I do think you will agree what I play is at least inspired,

if by nothing more than being grateful to be alive.


“Mercy” is the 1st CD I recorded after that event.

"Spirit" is the 3rd and is part of "A Trilogy: Spirit, Mind and Body".

Every time I listen to what came out of my fingers due to the healing afterglow,

I am amazed at the range of emotions and styles that are captured on these CDs.

Another aspect to "Mercy" and "Spirit", is they hint at what I was doing after

just one year of finger-picking on a classical guitar, while using my own tuning.

Kind of a glimpse into why I feel so strongly about the tuning.

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