Welcome to my cyberdom.

And welcome to my wall...

I put 80 pieces

of computer art
in a slide show,

just below the music player.

Created on the computer

for the computer.

Rest your gaze

upon the art.

Within moments,

your mind's palette

draws from the colors

of the piece, as it seems

 to morph into more than

what I put on the wall.

Whatever you perceive

is your own

optical response to the

computer's almost limitless

ability to dance

with shadow and light,

while drawing from an

equally amazing

color spectrum.

Just a bit of whimsy.

You can listen to my music.

You can listen to your music.

Or you can watch in silence.

If you choose to listen

to my music,

think of this as a visit

to a virtual museum

where you can look at art,

while listening to music

that was created by the artist

who created the art.

Feel free to download

"my wall",

and listen at your convenience.

Or hit the play button,

then scroll down

to the slide show.

Be sure to center the view.

Pics change every 13 seconds.

Though not required,

any donations

would be much appreciated.

Peace and wellbeing.

I find it is a good idea to

turn the volume halfway down

before hitting play