Welcome to "my wall". I displayed computer art on a faux brick wall. Something about a space you can adorn with visual gems. That's one reason I like to use walls as backdrops within my site. Plus I can now pair the art with a mix of tunes.

Rest your gaze upon the art. Within moments, your mind's palette draws from the colors of the piece, as it seems to morph into more than what was put on the wall. Whatever you perceive is your own optical response to the computer's almost limitless ability to dance with shadow & light, while drawing from an equally amazing color spectrum. Art created with a computer, for the computer. Just a bit of whimsy.

You can listen to my music, or your music, or you can watch in silence. The mix of tracks in the player is from "i care suite 2", "a being with a guitar" & "all hands on deck". Feel free to listen as you ponder "my wall". Or the suite & art are in the SHOP. For now hit play, scroll down & center the view. FYI, the slideshow has a pause icon in the lower right hand corner if you see a piece you would like to linger on. Pics change every 10 seconds.

It is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

Be sure to center the view.