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More info about the van and other events...

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Thanks again or in advance, whichever the case may be. The saga continues to evolve. On June 15th I wrote: "As of June 15th, 2017 I am still looking for a vehicle. Your help can make a timely difference in the final outcome. For the record, there is no duress. Only a calm assurance."

Today, June 17th, I can say, "There is a "new to me" Dodge Caravan sitting in my drive. It's a year younger than the van that was totaled. And it has 179,000 less miles. What a difference a few days can make..."

And now, a few days later, I posted this to Facebook: "Hey all. The saga has evolved. On Saturday, June 17th, 2017, I acquired a “new to me” Caravan that is one year younger than the van that was totaled. And with 179,000 less miles. Today, the 21st, my mechanic confirmed that it is a really good deal. Just wanted to say thanks once more for the outpouring of support and kind thoughts. In the alchemy of life, good intentions carry a lot of weight. And for that, I am grateful. Peace when and where you need it most..."

My van was hit on April 7th, 2017. I was not in it when it happened, though I did see it occur. A friend was doing me a favor by moving my van a little closer to our gig. As he was pulling out, another vehicle changed lanes and t-boned my van on the driver side. The momentum was such that the van was knocked into a 3rd vehicle. Held my breath for a few seconds until my friend popped the door open and I could see he was mobile. The rest is what it is.

Per the insurance company, the van is totaled. Due to the van's age and mileage, their settlement in no way comes close to replacing it with a vehicle of equal value. A small bit of irony is I just had the transmission rebuilt a few weeks earlier to the tune of $1960. So much for extra $$$ just laying around.


I haven’t said anything till now because I was part of a fundraiser to help another friend acquire a much needed vehicle and I didn’t want to draw attention away from that event.


A close friend offered to set up a GoFundMe to help resolve my situation. Though I have nothing against GoFundMe, I feel it exists for times when there is no other recourse. I’m not to that point yet.


Rather than asking for $$$ from the goodness of your heart, I have another idea. How about you check out the music I uploaded. Currently there are 2 albums in 2 Music Boxes, "Caravan" and "to Taste and See". If you like what you hear, please download some sonic tidbits and leave a donation via the donate button. And if you like the music, tell some friends about it. This way we are actually doing each other a favor.


I understand what I do may not appeal to everyone, so if the music is not your cup of tea and you can't think of anyone who might enjoy it, then maybe you can still extend a bit of kindness my way and give the donate button a visit anyway.

Thanks for your part in this. Peace.


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Every Monday night from 8-12,

I host an open mic at Mansion Hill Tavern in Newport, Ky. 

I show up with one mic and a guitar.

Feel free to bring a bit of low volume gear or acoustic instruments

and join us as we share in some of our favorite musical memories.

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