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This may be a bit of a read. Sorry about that. 11 paragraphs covering several facets for clarity. The potential is palpable...


Welcome to "the pantry". A collection of suites & an invitation to folk who have inspired me along the way. The tunes are from a huge catalogue. Some will be released just as they are here. Many of the shorter pieces with abrupt endings, are building blocks ready to be looped & transformed. As they are now, they could also be used to practice scales or beats.

A majority of the pieces are part of what I call "the world's longest guitar solo". Created in the moment. A continual stream of notes from start to finish. About as fresh a piece of sonic fruit that anyone can pick. 


I just record till there is enough material for a few loops or a single track. Then immediately go to the next track & respond to what was recorded. Most of the solos are the 1st take. Many are a single complete pass. If I slip off the pony, I back up a few seconds, get back on & continue the process until the end. Hence, "the world's longest guitar solo".


Soon after finishing the guitar tracks I add a beat (often just enough to define some parameters). Then a bit of mastering. Very few of the pieces had any pre-thought about key or structure. Improv of the purest essence...

I want to clarify I am under no duress, so there's no pressure to participate. The following is a sincere invitation to co-create. I have fond memories of our sonic adventures. The music we created was noteworthy. Without changing your current status, consider adding a new creative doorway for us to interact through  If we were currently active in a duo or band project & looking for ideas, these tunes are what I would offer. I realize some of the pieces may be an acquired taste. And that some will require serious intention before they shine. But most could easily be used to create & collaborate on from remote locations.

Another tier to these tunes is the potential to be foundations for your own projects. Sonic flowcharts, as it were. Using a stripped down version you, or you & your crew, can improvise & create on top of a custom backing track, ready to be adorned. One thought is to pull my leads out so you can go with whatever the rhythm makes you feel. I could then respond with a track or 2. Consider my tracks a kind of guest appearance.


Good place to say a lot of the tunes would support a songwriter's touch. Pull out my leads. Now the rhythm tracks are ready for a melody & lyrics. Just hum along. Find one that stirs you in some way. Make a note. Many of the tunes could readily be restructured into a verse & chorus format.

Most of the tunes hold true to a strong tone center or root key. Some may be more of a challenge & require you to chart out how the chords, scales & measures fall into place. Whatever you plan to use for adorning the piece should be in your hands as you listen. Play along till you find a tune with a comfortable saddle. Make a note & keep on going through "the pantry" at whatever pace fits your schedule.


Once you select a 30 minute set, email me the pantry & track titles you want to work with. Describe what versions. No drums, no snare, no bass, no leads, etc. I will send you unmastered audio files to place in your DAW.

So far "the pantry" has over 13 hours of sonic flowcharts. Even though most of the players only show 3 tunes, there are more tracks to be found by scrolling as you hover over each playlist. These suites mark the beginning of a series that is evolving in its intent & are part of over 50 plus pantries from 2021-2022.


Some revised tunes may be removed to avoid any potential confusion & avoid having a dozen versions of certain pieces. Gonna be quite the ride.

For now, pick up your instrument, hit play & take em' for a spin...

the cosmos lounge

Before scrolling to "the pantry", check out "2022 Spring", a demo vid for  "the cosmos lounge", a virtual room that could be used as a "green screen" backdrop for folk to share their craft on. Using the stage door as a gauge, imagine yourself or you & your crew in the center of the glassy oval. Your own themed slideshow or close-ups on the movie screen. What a time to be alive...

It is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

the cosmos lounge

the cosmos lounge

Watch Now

the pantry

John Redell 2024

Remember to turn the volume halfway down.

magic bus

pantry content

pantry content 2

pantry pmcr

pantry pmcr reprise

pantry 31 2022

pantry just a touch

pantry on the fringe

pantry floating

pantry peppy

pantry 24 2021

pantry 25 2021

pantry 26 2021

pantry 27 2021

pantry omega 2021

pantry December 2021

pantry 1 2022

pantry 2022 Winter

pantry 2022 Spring

2022 early June

2022 Summer

2022 Fall

pantry the tuning

pantry 1 2021

pantry 2 2021

pantry 3 2021

pantry 4 2021

pantry 5 2021

pantry 6 2021

pantry 7 2021

pantry 8 2021

pantry 9 2021

pantry 10 2021

pantry 11 2021

pantry 12 2021

pantry 13 2021

pantry with keys

has a bit of key info included for harmonica players (titles have date recorded, the tone center C, the 1st 4 letters of the mode, then the harmonica key needed to match the mode's scale).

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