This may be a bit of a read. Sorry about that. 11 paragraphs covering several facets for clarity. The potential is palpable...


Welcome to "the pantry". A collection of suites & an invitation to folk who have inspired me along the way. The tunes are from a huge catalogue. Some will be released just as they are here. Many of the shorter pieces with abrupt endings, are building blocks ready to be looped & transformed. As they are now, they could also be used to practice scales or beats.

A majority of the pieces are part of what I call "the world's longest guitar solo". Created in the moment. A continual stream of notes from start to finish. About as fresh a piece of sonic fruit that anyone can pick. 


I just record till there is enough material for a few loops or a single track. Then immediately go to the next track & respond to what was recorded. Most of the solos are the 1st take. Many are a single complete pass. If I slip off the pony, I back up a few seconds, get back on & continue the process until the end. Hence, "the world's longest guitar solo".


Soon after finishing the guitar tracks I add a beat (often just enough to define some parameters). Then a bit of mastering. Very few of the pieces had any pre-thought about key or structure. Improv of the purest essence...

I want to clarify I am under no duress, so there's no pressure to participate. The following is a sincere invitation to co-create. I have fond memories of our sonic adventures. The music we created was noteworthy. Without changing your current status, consider adding a new creative doorway for us to interact through  If we were currently active in a duo or band project & looking for ideas, these tunes are what I would offer. I realize some of the pieces may be an acquired taste. And that some will require serious intention before they shine. But most could easily be used to create & collaborate on from remote locations.

Another tier to these tunes is the potential to be foundations for your own projects. Sonic flowcharts, as it were. Using a stripped down version you, or you & your crew, can improvise & create on top of a custom backing track, ready to be adorned. One thought is to pull my leads out so you can go with whatever the rhythm makes you feel. I could then respond with a track or 2. Consider my tracks a kind of guest appearance.


Good place to say a lot of the tunes would support a songwriter's touch. Pull out my leads. Now the rhythm tracks are ready for a melody & lyrics. Just hum along. Find one that stirs you in some way. Make a note. Many of the tunes could readily be restructured into a verse & chorus format.

Most of the tunes hold true to a strong tone center or root key. Some may be more of a challenge & require you to chart out how the chords, scales & measures fall into place. Whatever you plan to use for adorning the piece should be in your hands as you listen. Play along till you find a tune with a comfortable saddle. Make a note & keep on going through "the pantry" at whatever pace fits your schedule.


Once you select a 30 minute set, email me the pantry & track titles you want to work with. Describe what versions. No drums, no snare, no bass, no leads, etc. I will send you unmastered audio files to place in your DAW.

So far "the pantry" has 10 hours of sonic flowcharts. "pantry December 2021" has tunes from the last 3 pantries of 2021. "pantry 1 2022" & "2022 early June" are suites from 2022. "2022 Summer" & "2022 Fall" are the newest suites & feature my own tuning. "pantry the tuning" also features my own tuning. "pantry 1 2021" thru "pantry 13 2021" mark the beginning of a series that is evolving in its intent & are part of the 20 plus pantries for 2021. "pantry with keys" has a bit of key info included for harmonica players (titles have date recorded, the tone center C, the 1st 4 letters of the mode, then the harmonica key needed to match the mode's scale).


Some revised tunes may be removed to avoid any potential confusion & avoid having a dozen versions of certain pieces. Gonna be quite the ride.

For now, pick up your instrument, hit play & take em' for a spin...

the Cosmos Lounge

Before scrolling to "the pantry", check out the demo vid for  "the Cosmos Lounge", a virtual room that could be used as a "green screen" backdrop for folk to share their craft on. Using the stage door as a gauge, imagine yourself or you & your crew in the center of the glassy oval. Your own themed slideshow or close-ups on the movie screen. What a time to be alive...

It is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

the Cosmos Lounge

the Cosmos Lounge

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the pantry

pantry December 2021

Remember to turn the volume halfway down.

pantry 1 2022

2022 early June

2022 Summer

2022 Fall

pantry the tuning

pantry 1 2021

pantry 2 2021

pantry 3 2021

pantry 4 2021

pantry 5 2021

pantry 6 2021

pantry 7 2021

pantry 8 2021

pantry 9 2021

pantry 10 2021

pantry 11 2021

pantry 12 2021

pantry 13 2021

pantry with keys