Odds are you are here because I sent you a link with an accompanying explanation. If not, in short "the Cosmos Lounge" is a demo vid showing one of the virtual rooms that will be used as a "green screen" backdrop for folk to share their craft on. "the pantry" has tunes from a huge catalogue of pieces I plan to release, as is, just the way you will hear them.

"the pantry" is also an invitation to folk who have inspired me along the way. Collections of possible backing tracks to jam with. As they are now, they could be used to practice scales or beats. A kind of sonic flowchart.

But another tier to these pantries, is the potential to be used as a foundation for your own tunes. Using a stripped down version of a piece, you by yourself, or you & your crew, can improvise & create on top of a custom backing track, ready to be adorned. 

Just send me an email with which pantry & track title you would like to work with. Be sure to describe what version. No drums, no bass, no leads, etc. I will send you a pre-mastered audio file, ready to be placed in your own DAW for some experimentation.

"pantry December 2021" has tunes from the last 3 pantries of 2021. "pantry 1 2022" marks the beginning of 2022's pantries. "pantry 1 2021" & "pantry 2 2021" were the beginning of a series that has evolved in its intent. Best I can surmise there will be 20 plus pantries for 2021. And there are already several in 2022. Gonna be quite a ride.


Tunes that you pick to revise in a serious fashion will be removed from the pantries to avoid potential confusion & to keep from having a dozen versions of certain pieces.

Feel free to download any of the suites. Take em' for a spin...

I find it is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

the Cosmos Lounge

the Cosmos Lounge

the Cosmos Lounge

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the pantry

pantry December 2021

pantry 1 2022 jam tracks

pantry 1 2021

pantry 2 2021

Happy Birthday Erin!

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