the view from nothing

is a multi-media showcase expounding a thought I came upon shortly after getting my 1st computer attached to the web. Once I saw photos from Hubble, I tried to wrap my mind around what this could look like from outside of all that exists. I could imagine going into space, shooting out past all that is, beyond all that Hubble revealed. Once out a sufficient way into nothing, I turn around & view all that is, from any number of angles. It is from here “the view from nothing” takes shape.

A large percentage of my art makes more sense if you think of it & see it from this vantage point. Hubble & computer art arrived in my life almost simultaneously. No wonder so many pieces have a bigger than life feel. Immensity in tandem with the minuscule.


One of the musical titles is, “theories & blueprints”, which is an offshoot of “the view from nothing”. Once you are at “the view from nothing”, what diversity awaits as you ponder possible scenarios, layouts & designs that could transpire out of such chaotic order. Hence, “theories & blueprints”. Nothing to be taken too seriously. Just a way to deal with what Hubble did to my brain.

Feel free to take your time & listen to the music, watch the vids & peruse the art here, over several visits. Or all 3 suites (about 30 minutes each), the 13 music/art vids (about another 30 minutes) & a bunch of computer art are in the SHOP as "the view from nothing" trilogy, if that's more convenient. 

Breathe. Peace & wellbeing...

all hands on deck

has 11 tunes from mid 2020. A sonic offering, displaying a variance of emotions due to rapidly changing events all over the world. A solid suite of tunes I am glad to have reeled in. "all hands on deck" is joined

by computer art & promo vids 1-4 within "the view from nothing 1".

I find it is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

a being with a guitar

was created March 1st, 2013, I played a classical guitar in a non-classical way. Using my own tuningI just played whatever came to me.

Improv of the purest essence. Part of the world's longest guitar solo...

"a being with a guitar" is joined by computer art &

promo vids 5-9 within "the view from nothing 2".

theories & blueprints

is a possible subtitle to "the view from nothing". (see above)

"theories & blueprints" is joined by computer art &

promo vids 10-13 within "the view from nothing 3".

the cedar theater

Come sit a spell in "the cedar theater", a gallery where the art comes to you. The videos are largely derived from "the view from nothing".

Immensity in tandem with the minuscule.

Nothing to be taken too seriously.

The 13 vids run about 30 minutes & are woven into

"the view from nothing" trilogy, which is in the SHOP.

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I find it is a good idea to turn the volume halfway down.

gallery 4 theories & blueprints slideshow


gallery 4 theories & blueprints collection

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