Hey there.

Wish I could tell you

how this is supposed to work

in a real life scenario.


I know music is still considered

a commodity of a sort,

worthy of trade or barter.


And I know a lot of folk

are struggling at the moment.

Initially I was only thinking

of BITS as the benefactor.

Then I soon began to think,

if it could help BITS,

it could be used to help

anyone in need.


If you can figure out how

to take my music that is on

the Cincy Blues Society's website,

and make some $$$ with it,

please do so.

There is no charge to download

the music from their site.

There are currently 5 albums.

If you find it was helpful,

consider donating some $$$

to BITS and the Society.


Below are links

for different approaches

to using my music

as a way to generate $$$.

One is aimed at helping

established charities.

One is geared towards causes.

Any cause.

Your needs or someone else's.

Whatever you want to apply the $$$

toward is completely up to you.

One is a way for venues

to gather assistance.

And one is for musicians and artists

to present it to their support base.

These are just glimpses of how

it can be approached.

But you can say

whatever you want

and the page design for your

storefront will be up to you.

Of course you,

or someone you know,

has to have a digital storefront

to place the music files in.

Once you have the storefront

set up & the files are in place,

the following scenarios

can happen over and over.

Send some emails or texts

along these lines.

(If creating a digital storefront

is not feasible at the moment,

the mp3 files are small enough

you could send one tune

in an email as a thank you.)